About Us

As a visitor to the Big Island, Hawai’i, many years ago, I was attracted to the Hawaiian crystal clear, crispy, deep blue tropical ocean waters and fresh air, especially in Kapoho.

After practicing 20-some years as a veterinarian in California, in 1996 I decided to retire and make my home in Hawai‘i.

In 2004 I decided to build few homes on Kapoho Bay as vacation rentals to share what Hawai’i, especially Kapoho, has to offer. For many years after, we operated a very successful family-owned vacation rental business.

I’ve been very happy with my decision, especially when I see vacationers enjoying Kapoho’s geothermally heated warm ponds, incredible snorkeling, and other ocean activities.

We’ve recently merged Hawaii We Go with Hawaii Life Vacations and all the new contact information is on the Contact Us page. They’ll take great care of you, and we know we’re leaving our new and returning guests in great hands with the new, professional property management company.

– Muhammad Yunis

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